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Hard Disk integratNu
Blu-ray 3D Nu
Ultra HD Blu-rayNu
Blu-Ray recorderNu
Slot card memorieNu
Tuner DVB-T Nu


Intrare compositNu
Intrare ScartNu
Intrare audioNu
Port USBDa
Intrare DVNu


Iesire compositDa
Iesire ComponentDa
Iesire ScartNu
Iesire AudioDa
Iesire digital audio (coaxial)Da
Iesire Digital audio (Optica)Da
Iesire HDMIDa

Formate suportate

Redare DivX Da
Redare XviD Nu
Mkv Nu
Dolby Digital Da
Redare MP3Da
Redare MP3Da

Standard wireless



Latime435 mm
Inaltime60 mm
Adancime280 mm
Greutate3.5 kg

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About Blu-rayBlu-ray is the latest version of the popular 5 rdquo; optical disc format that began with the CD. Blu-ray was made possible by the development of a practical violet laser whose light wavelength is shorter than the red lasers used by CD and DVD players. This allows for a more focused spot that can read smaller and more densely packed pits that generate the ldquo;digital 1s and 0s rdquo; that represent the picture and sound that is then decoded by the player for viewing. Blu-ray Disc has over 5 times the data capacity of DVD. HD programs are protected by multiple layers of DRM (Digital Rights Management or lsquo;Copy Protection rsquo;) and can only be transmitted from Player to TV Display by the encrypted HDMI interface. High Definition playback requires that the entire signal path be capable of digital bandwidth of 150 Megahertz. This means you rsquo;ll need the very latest TV and AV Receiver as well as Category 2 HDMI cables. Be sure the entire system supports ldquo;1080p rdquo;. Get it all right and the result is stunning... especially on screen sizes 50 rdquo; and larger!Video PerformanceWith Blu-ray rsquo;s native resolution of 1080p and pure digital transmission via HDMI the picture quality is nothing short of stunning. Even standard definition DVD rsquo;s get a boost from NAD rsquo;s upscaling engine with resolution to 1080p. The T 587 also supports 1080p at 24 frames per second for the most fl uid motion from fi lm based material (this must be supported by the TV display) avoiding the ldquo;3:2 Pull Down rdquo; motion artifacts common on DVD Players. Audio PerformanceMost Blu-ray Discs offer a true high definition audio 7.1 Linear PCM soundtrack with 24 bit resolution, and the T 587 supports this format via HDMI. At last we have studio master quality in a home format! Also supported are the new HD formats from Dolby and DTS that offer lsquo;lossless rsquo; compression. These can be decoded in the T 587 and sent as LPCM via HDMI, or can be forwarded in compressed form to another component that supports decoding. Of course the legacy formats of Dolby Digital and DTS are also supported and sent as bitstreams via HDMI, Coax or Optical connections. Dolby Digital Plus is a new and backwardly compatible Dolby format that increases the bit rate considerably for improved fidelity and also offers support for up to 10.2 channels. There is also support for Audio CD rsquo;s and CD-R rsquo;s with MP3 or WMA decoding. There is even a front panel USB port to allow playback of music files stored on a memory stick or portable MP3 Player. Exciting new featuresBD Java and BD Live, when supported by the source material, offer a new level of interactivity with your media. BD Live will connect over a broadband network to the studio that produced the movie you are watching and will offer additional material and alternate takes in real time to your Home Theatre. Details that matterThe T 587 has a very fast loading time for Blu-ray Discs, typically just a few seconds. Many BD players take over a minute before you can get picture, sound and navigation. This may not sound like much, but it seems an eternity if you are waiting to start watching your favorite movie. Other nice touches not commonly found include an IR Input for integration with advanced control and automation systems. Specially developed silicon rubber feet isolate vibrations from the player and the environment for the best possible performance. With onboard decoding for the newest lossless audio codecs from Dolby and DTS the T 587 will provide a complete HD audio and video solution to thousands of NAD T 175, T 785 and T 775 AV Receiver owners. This cost effective upgrade, when combined with the current generation of 1080p displays creates a state-of-the-art Home Theatre. Alte caracteristici: Plays BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE
Plays Audio CD, CD-R/RW
Decodes MP3, WMA, DiVX, JPEG, PNG
Network BD Live (Profile 2.0) via Ethernet
BD Java (Profile 1.0)
Picture-in-picture (Profile 1.1)
Resolution up to 1080p 24/60 over HDMI
Upscales DVD to 1080p over
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